Detours of life

It seems that some of my cycling plans for this year may be shifted a tad. I found out late last week that I am headed to Europe for a few months for an Army public affairs mission. Since I don’t know exactly what it will be like, I’m excited but sort of afraid I won’t have time to ride my bike! Since I like to be optimistic and always hope for the best, I’m going to assume that I’ll have a chance to ride.

Map My RideNow that we’ve settled that matter, I have looked around where I will be and it looks like I’ll have some fabulous places to explore!

MapMyRide has tons of routes posted by other users that I can use. I hope to see beautiful countryside, mountains and old castles. I don’t know how far I’ll be able to go or what sort of traveling I’ll be doing, but I look forward to this adventure. I will pick up my Ride2Recovery, Warrior Ride and Operation Shifting Gears work when I return at the end of autumn.

Until then, I need to get my hands on a bicycle while in Germany that I can use and maybe sell before I return home. Anyone know of a good 48 cm road bike I could use?


6 thoughts on “Detours of life”

  1. Christina, I love this blog post! As you know, I have also been writing about bike riding although mine is a little different than yours. It is interesting how life plays out that even if we want to do something really bad, there are always things that can get in that way and that isn’t always a bad thing! Your future trip to Europe sounds incredible and I am sure you will surprisingly find more time to ride a bike than you are anticipating. Not too mention, riding a bike in Europe sounds 10 times more fun than riding at home!

    I really enjoyed the link you included and the information about the ‘MapMyRide’ app. I have the MapMyFitness app for hikes, runs, etc. but I had never thought to see if there was a bike specific app. This is awesome! Where do you keep your phone while you are riding? I know they make clothes with zip pockets and such, personally I would enjoy a basket but I’m not sure how well that would work for mountain biking 🙂

    Good luck in Europe! I hope you continue posting on your blog, I would love to see updates from other parts of the worls!

    1. Thank you, Ciera! I wear the goofy bike clothes that have pockets. I also have a mount for my phone that attaches to my handlebars. But, just having a pack under your seat is enough. You can use your phone and the app to track your ride, speed, elevation, etc. I agree, I don’t think a basket would work too well on a mountain bike 🙂

      Thanks so much and I plan to keep posting! I’ll let everyone know once I arrive at my final destination.

  2. Christina,
    I have really enjoyed following your blog throughout this semester and hope you keep it going. I will for sure be checking in. I hope your next adventure to Europe is full of new and exciting adventures as I’m sure it will be and you will make the best of it, it just seems like your personality. I love that you included the pictures and links with each posting. Your posts are extremely easy to follow and we get a true sense of who you are as a person even without ever meeting in person!
    Good luck in your future ventures and I truly wish you the best:)

  3. This was so great to read! I loved the video. The title, Detours of Life really seems to do justice to your passion for riding – which is contagious! I too use MapMyRide and have benefited more than once from using the routes others have ridden and documented on the app. I am looking forward to reading more about your biking experiences while in Germany! Great blog!

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