National Nonprofit Trance4mation Nation Launches Thank You Challenge to Benefit Veterans’ Quality of Life

National Nonprofit Trance4mation Nation Launches Thank You Challenge to Benefit Veterans’ Quality of Life

Kickoff event at Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race is first step to million messages of appreciation campaign

New York, NY (May 20, 2015) – The first of what organizers hope will be a million messages of gratitude to veterans and military service members will be recorded on Sunday, May 24 at the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600, held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, in North Carolina. There, Trance4mation Nation, a national nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for healing, connection and quality of life to veterans and military service members and their families will launch the Thank You Challenge, its nationwide call to action for all Americans to show their appreciation to those who have served our nation.

“Since World War II, 22 million people have served in the United States military; that’s just shy of three percent of our country’s population,” said the organization’s president and founder Leslie Robinson. “The Thank You Challenge is an opportunity for the other 97 percent of us to prove that we appreciate those who have so courageously secured our freedom, safety, liberty and security.”

The Thank You Challenge is a grassroots initiative that encourages people to post short videos personally thanking current and past members of the US military to social media using the hashtag #ThankYouChallenge. Videos may include a personal shout out to a relative, involve a group of people, or pledge support or a random act of kindness and include the promise “It’s my turn to be your hero now.”

“It’s about making a difference for veterans,” said Ron Sukenick, creator of the Thank you Challenge and chief relationship officer for Trance4mation Nation.  “It is an honor to support those who have served our nation; we know we can never thank them enough, but that doesn’t mean we should ever stop trying.”

In addition to spreading waves of gratitude and positive energy, the Thank You Challenge also helps raise awareness for fundraising and in-kind donations to help veterans heal, celebrate and strengthen bonds with their families ranging from impactful resources and stress-reducing therapies to exciting recreational opportunities. In fact, 50 of the nation’s heroes will enjoy the race on behalf of Coca-Cola and Trance4mation Nation.

Other items donated for veterans’ include week-long resort packages, gift cards, tickets to concerts and major sporting events, copies of Warrior Spirit/Mission Homefront interactive card decks that help service members reconnect to friends and family and combat PTSD, isolation and depression, and Our Legacy Series tribute videos to WW2 and Korean War veterans to help them express their personal life and military experience to their families.

To get involved with the movement, take the Thank You Challenge and consider supporting Trance4mation Nation by becoming an ambassador, through corporate sponsorship/underwriting, by donating in-kind items to distribute to veterans and service members or making a donation. Every gift, no matter its size, will be used to promote healing, quality of life, peace, and well-being to those who have sacrificed their lives for ours.

To learn more, visit;; @tychallenge on Twitter; YouTube; and Google+.

About Trance4mation Nation

Trance4mation Nation is a national nonprofit organization that provides healing, connection and quality of life to veterans and military service members and their families. Every donation received provides goes directly to a service member to improve his or her quality of life. The organizations is supported by an active and engaged board and volunteers, and is led by president and founder Leslie Robinson, Leslie is a psychotherapist who has worked with returning military service members and their families for many years, helping with reintegration, communication and leadership in creative ways, including through her Warrior Spirit/Mission Homefront interactive tabletop card decks;  and Ron Sukenick, a US military veteran, professional speaker and published author who is passionate about connecting returned service members with resources and support that not only inspires healing, but also offers opportunities for fun and an enhanced quality of life.

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Thank You Challenge

I’m so proud to be affiliated with this organization! The Thank You Challenge is a great organization that is helping Veterans. From the website:

Trance4mation Nation is on a mission to bring healing, connection and quality of life to our Service Members and their families, past and present. We, as an organization, are dedicated to helping our service members and their families to feel they are truly appreciated here on the home front, in tangible ways. What makes us unique as an organization is that we offer multiple ways to heal, celebrate and to strengthen the bonds of military families.

The Thank You team, built of seasoned professionals (please see LinkedIn profiles under Leadership) has gathered together to launch this effort, with you – the citizens of the United States of America. We see, hear and feel the need in our bones, and have answered the call. We are profoundly honored to serve those who have served our nation.

Since 2001, more than 2.5 million U.S. service members have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, with longer and more frequent deployments than in previous conflicts. The Army found that spending more time deployed in combat and less time at home causes repeated disruptions to the social fabric of service members and their families. This then impedes community readjustment and family reintegration. This isolation can lead to greater risk for major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as self-harm. As the only organization dedicated specifically to improving communication, connection and healing to military families – and with an estimated 22 military member suicides a day, our mission is indeed urgent.

As the Afghanistan war draws down, let us promise never to forget. Together, we are in a unique position to work collectively to bridge the gaping military civilian divide. Let us commit ourselves to keeping our Service Members in our hearts and on our minds by saying THANK YOU… THANK YOU… THANK YOU, because we know that we can never thank them enough!! Our ability to give is made possible by your generosity. Let us be their Heroes now.

Trance4mation Nation is a 501(c)(3) – All donations are tax-deductible.